Port Security Services

In today’s world, Port security services play a crucial role, particularly for emerging countries such as India, which relies heavily on its ports for the transportation of essential goods and commodities to fuel its economic growth.
It is imperative to ensure that ports remain secure and free from security breaches such as shipping container theft and the accountability of shipping containers. Therefore, it is essential to provide ample security measures to protect the ports.
To address this need, Pioneer Security Services has established a dedicated Port Security Division. Our aim is to supplement the security services provided by local, state, and national agencies to safeguard your interests related to ports.

Some of the port security services that we provide are as below:

  • Continuous armed/unarmed security patrolling of site and office
  • Patrolling is done through vehicle and by foot both
  • Keeping watch on equipment movement, watching the log maintenance
  • Infrastructure and vessel security
  • Security patrol / post services
  • Waterfront security services
  • Port side security services
  • Threat and event vulnerability assessments
  • Security exercises
  • Program evaluation
  • Vessel escort services
  • Keep a check on material in-out register
  • Daily activities logs monitoring
  • Other registers as required
  • For handling unexpected circumstances, our guards are present 24/7
  • Inspect any suspicious vehicle or people
  • In the worst case scenario, if any theft happens we conduct investigation and inquiries seriously until the thief gets caught

Why should you hire us?

At our company, we have implemented a high-quality and consistent security service staff consisting of well-trained personnel. Our staff members undergo a stringent initial assessment and an extensive background check. Additionally, we have developed an in-house security training program that is compulsory for all our employees. This program ensures that our security personnel are adequately trained and equipped to handle any security challenges that may arise.

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